Ruth Carter Ceramics
    Hand Crafted Ceramics for all of Your Holiday Needs
    Specializing in Vintage Style Ceramic Christmas Trees

I would like to introduce myself, I am Ruth Carter. I have been creating ceramic works for the
last 12 years. This is my first attempt at a website and it will be a work in progress. I started
ceramics part time, and fell in love with expressing myself through this artistic outlet. I have been
so rewarded with the appreciation people have shown me that have purchased my works. I have
since retired from the "normal work force" and am now spending all of my free time on my
artesian craft. I have displayed at many local craft shows over the years and did very well. Last
year I entered and was accept at The War Eagle Craft Fair in Rogers, AR. To be honest I was
very nervous about such a large show, but I took lots of product and was surprised that I sold out
of many items. I will be well prepared for next year. I want to be known for producing the best
ceramic products that you can find anywhere. And I promise you will be 100% satisfied with
anything you purchase from me.

On these pages you will find some of my first offerings, I will be adding as I go along. If there is
something you have a wish for, please drop me an email or give me a call. I want to  help people
enjoy the products I produce and I can help with getting you supplies to update your current
Ceramic Christmas Trees. I will have pages for replacement parts soon.

Please share you thoughts and suggestions with me. I love the Craft of Ceramics and hearing
from others that feel the same way.

Thank you,
Ruth Carter